Charming, street sensibility applied to wellness and apparel products all used to compliment and improve the modern metropolitan lifestyle.


This story starts in 2004 with a few hoodie sketches in a cubicle. Our founder, Quintel Harcum, quickly figured out after college he'd rather create and sketch instead of push papers. Fast forward 6 years from his first sketch and one of his best college mates from the Bronx, NY hipped him to professional studies courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology. For 3 consecutive summers from (2010 - 2012) Quintel studied graphic design for fashion at F.I.T and launched his first brand in 2011 starting with accessories. 

In late 2011 he transitioned to a whole food/plant-based diet and has been studying more and more how to eat to live and not the other way around. Over time he's learned that the truest expression of himself is one where health and wellness aren't separate from, but in fact influence, his street savvy style. Now as a certified holistic nutritionist he's learned that others believe in the ideals of living well inside and out and Good Part & Co. is an outlet to share that belief.