Year 1 Check-In: The Good Part gets better...

The best part about the start-up phase of a small business is not the money…definitely not the money. No the best part is being small and nimble with the ability to maneuver and respond to the learning curve. In the start-up phase, if you’re smart, you adjust often and become a better business than you were the day before. This May marks one year since launching our brand and we’ve definitely become a better business.

Our brand is small and savvy enough to adapt to changing technology, seize unique intimate business opportunities and of course refine our processes quickly to meet our customer’s needs. All that being said…we’ve made some changes ‘round here. Check it out!

Equipment Upgrades


Thanks to your continued support and lots of Youtube research, we’ve purchased a Pure Juicer Hydraulic cold press machine. That means more juice, less time. More options, more health. ALL GOOD!

Improved Recipes

Did you know that 61% of Americans say they would pay more for their juices if they had shorter ingredient lists? (according to Prepared Foods) The old saying holds true, LESS IS MORE and with that in mind, combined with some research we’ve decided to trim all our recipes down to 5 ingredients or less. Here are a few reasons why: It provides a more distinct flavor as we increase the amounts of the main ingredients, its easier for us and our customers to remember and share fewer ingredients when we go to brag on our favorite juice and on the business side it makes our production operation easier to manage.

How Do You Want it?


There are now 2 options to receive your juice orders on Sundays.

Pick-Up- All pick-up orders are available to retrieve free of charge on Sundays from our pick up location. Pick up hour are between 10am -12pm. Customers will be contacted when their orders are ready

Delivery – For an additional fee of $7 customers can choose to have their juice orders delivered between the hours or 1pm-5pm on Sunday afternoon. Customers will be contacted when their juice order is out for delivery.

Hit My Phone!


We’re now accepting juice orders via text! Text #JUICEDOIT to 443-987-6814 and we’ll reply with a menu of our cold pressed juice packages. Hit back with what you’d like with pick-up or deliver and we’ll send a confirmation and payment options. Pretty simple right? I know what you’re asking and the answer is “IDK what took us so long either”

Quintel Harcum