After 14 months, 1 half marathon, 1 foot surgery, 2 rebrands, 2 pop-events, 1 food festival, a pending nutritionist certification, and 100s of graphic designs later we’re finally launching the GOOD-2-GO Juice program online. 

Now, along side our exclusive apparel, you can order our juice products! Juices will be prepared weekly and available for pick every Sunday evening.

It's been quite a journey to get to this point. Crafting concepts and designs and pressing up t-shirts is a cut'n'dry process, learning holistic nutrition and preparing juice products...not so much. We've been fielding requests for months to prepare juice packages and painfully we had to decline until we had the process down properly so that we can serve our supporters the best juices we could offer. We're proud to say that time has come.

Holistic health isn't just about what you eat its about everything thing you do and now with Good Part & Co. you can feel as good as you look.


Quintel Harcum