Good Part & Co. Introduces "The Vinyasa"

This past weekend we launched our first brand collaboration with Justin Temple at YogaWorks Midtown Baltimore. If you’re familiar with our you know we’re all about a holistic approach to expressing our best selves inside and out. So not only do we execute on fashion and apparel we execute on total health and wellness. Our founder has been practicing yoga since 2009 and almost 10 years later he’s found the opportunity to integrate his health practices into his business with the Something Like a Yoga Class collaboration.


We took our time to  craft a recipe that was not only nutritious and taste good but fitting for a post yoga workout.

The Vinyasa recipe includes kale, cucumber, apple, pineapple, lime, and mint. The calcium, potassium and vitamin K from cucumbers, kale, pineapple and apples all strengthen the nervous system, regulate muscle contractions and helps the body move and recover. The mint helps cool the body after exercising. The anti-inflammatory properties of all the ingredients combined relieves and reduces muscle, bone and/or arthritis pain.

After seeing how well our yoga mates enjoyed our new juice recipe we shared it with the R.I.O.T Running Squad the very next day after they led a 5K run sponsored by Under Armour Running.

Expect The Vinyasa to be added to our juice menu soon!

Quintel Harcum