Glow Up Challenge by Shonna Watkins

Glow Up Challenge by Shonna Watkins

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Good Part & Co. has partnered with professional eyebrow specialist and skincare therapist Shonna Watkins (@shonnawatkins) to introduce the #SWGLOWUPCHALLENGE. This challenge has been designed to help your skin shine!

It includes a 3 week supply of cold-pressed juice that balances gut health, improves digestion, then rehydrates and revitalizes your skin.

Our skin is our largest organ and it takes more than a daily face cleansing regimen to keep it healthy. We’ve gotta do the work above and below in order for our skin to glow.

Here’s how it challenges works:

Week 1: The Cecil (16 oz./ celery, lemon) x 5

Week 2: The Cecil (8 oz./ celery, lemon) x 5 + The Lexington (activated charcoal, agave, lemon) x 5

Week 3: The Cecil (8 oz./ celery, lemon) x 5 + The Chills (watermelon, cucumber, lemon) x 5

BOOSTED OPTION (+ $35) Hammerjack Wellness: (2 oz./ ginger, lemon, cayenne) x 15 (5 per/wk)


Week 1 begins July 1st.

We will collect orders for the #swglowupchallenge at from June 17 thru June 29. The first week’s orders will be prepped and ready for pick up or delivery on Sunday June 30th. 

Weeks 2 and 3 will be available the following Sunday (July 7 and July 14)

Delivery fee is a one time charge for all 3 weeks.

First 3 orders get a FREE 3 week supply of Hammerjack Wellness shots



Pick up: Every Sunday 10am -12pm

Delivery: Every Sunday 1pm-5pm (Delivery is charged once for all 3 weeks)

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